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We supply, fit, cut and maintain all types of hair replacement systems wither  it is a wig, hairpiece, gent’s toupee, enhancer or extensions for all types of hair loss caused by chemotherapy, alopecia or age related for Ladies, Gents and children. 

Our professional and highly trained hairdressers are here to offer advice and guidance on how to choose the right system that meets your  individual needs.

Our studio offers a serene environment where confidentiality is assured and all consultations are carried out by professional and highly trained hair & make-up artists.

Wigs For Hair Loss

We carry a wide range of ready made real hair and acrylic wigs for those
with hair loss, whether due to chemotherapy, alopecia or age related. Custom Made is also available

We have a serene private studio were confidentially is assured and all consolations are carried out by professional highly trained hairdressers.

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Wigs & Facial Hair
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At Patricia Strong Creatives we have a vast range of lace front real hair and acrylic wigs Including hairpieces, toupee's, modern & period wigs dressed or undressed.
Facial Hair: Moustaches, Beards and Side Burns for Film, Theatre & Television Available to hire or buy